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Our Philosophy

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Mission Statement


Little Bee demonstrates exceptional education and care programs for children and their families. We promote motivated, independent learners by providing safe, high quality Early Education and nurturing Child Care.


We make positive contributions to all children’s early development by taking their learning forward, celebrating uniqueness and providing opportunities to succeed in an atmosphere of care and of feeling valued.



Our role at little Bee is to plan environments and experiences of the highest quality, considering children’s cultural diversity, needs and achievements and the range of learning environments that will help them make progress in their development and learning.


Well-planned play, both indoors and outdoors is a key way in which children will learn with enjoyment and challenge during their time at Little Bee.

Our close monitoring of each child’s individual development means that achievements can be celebrated, and ensures all children are making progress.


Learning Through Play

  • Emphasis is on fun, exploration and discovery.

  • Children are researchers in their own right.

  • Learning is supported through planned play experiences and environments, where children explore, develop, and use their creativity and imagination to make sense of their world in a secure environment.

  • Extending and supporting children’s spontaneous play.

  • Free flow indoor and outdoor play.



Our philosophy is supported by the guiding approaches of The National United Kingdom Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS), The National Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Reggio Emilia Approach to Learning.


It is through our own pedagogical philosophy and continuous reflective practice, that we provide exceptional and diverse education and care programs for our families.


Every educator at Little Bee is on a lifelong learning journey and we guide, empower and support each other to embrace this journey to become powerful and reflective educators.

We respect every educator's integrity as a teacher, mentor, theorist, researcher, coach and co-collaborator in their own, each other's and every child's learning journey.


We believe that children are full of potential, and that every child has the right to live in a welcoming environment where they can play, explore, communicate and establish relationships.


We believe that children learn about themselves and construct their identity within the context of their families and communities. It is our aim to build caring, respectful relationships and provide positive, challenging and awe-inspiring experiences at Little Bee. This will construct the foundations for children to develop a sense of wellbeing, belonging, and trust within their Community.

Pedagogical Philosophy


Little Bee believes that excellent professional practice in Early Childhood Education is:

  • Children feel included, secure and valued and have a sense of well-being at Little Bee.

  • Children make decisions and are involved in a collaborative and negotiated approach to learning, thus developing a sense of ownership and belonging.

  • Children develop a sense of cultural awareness, learning about indigenous and other cultures within the context of Little Bee.

  • Families and educators work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, where all aspects of Centre Life are valued and contributions are openly shared.

  • Educators work alongside children as “researchers” and are confident to interact, observe and respond appropriately to children.

  • Educators understand the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of children and facilitate opportunities for children to explore, investigate and develop positive relationships.

  • Well-planned, relevant, purposeful experiences and open-ended questioning by Educators engage children in the learning process and help them progress in their learning journey.

  • Learning experiences will build on what children already know, and can do.

  • Learning is child driven. Educators, families and children’s own initiatives help plan experiences and environments.

  • Educators undertake a process of collaborative and continuous reflection as a basis for ongoing improvement in all facets of Centre life.

  • Every child, adult, family, Community and environment is a contributor to the learning journey.


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