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Here's what some of our previous clients have said about Little Bee

Melita, Hunter & Calvin

To all the wonderful staff at Little Bee,

Thank you for all the amazing work you do.

I can tell the children love it here and all the little things you do amaze us.

Nicole, Nick, Lucy & Stella

Dear Little Bee Staff,

Thank you for making my transition back to work an easy and smooth one.

Knowing Lucy and Stella were in the best hands was very reassuring.

The girls both love their educators in the Baby and Busy Bee rooms.

We have some treats for everyone to enjoy as it is clear to see you all work in a wonderful team together.

Thank you.

Amanda & John

Dear everyone at Little Bee,

Today is the last day of Adelie and Harlan's time at Little Bee.

Thanks so much for all the care and attention you have given them over the last four years. Leaving them in care always brings mixed emotions, so to know they are in a good, caring and stimulating environment has meant a lot to us.

From when we first visited you before the children were born, we felt welcomed and knew they would be safe. It's hard to even imagine those little babies with their 'one are out' swaddling preferences now that they are little people.

Adelie and Harlan are excited about starting Kinder and the fact that they are so ready to join into a group like that has a lot to do with the Little Bee programs and activities they have already been involved in.

We appreciate how you have treated the children with respect and encouraging them all to do the same with their friends.

The quality of management, care (and education) and service has been outstanding and a real credit to the whole team.

Many heart felt thanks.

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