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As part of our long standing work on gratitude at Little Bee, our educators have reflected as a team and we are very excited to be introducing ‘DoTERRA pure essential oils’ to our centres with the purpose of creating a calm and tranquil atmosphere during sleep and rest times.  We aim to support the children to experience emotional peace and a heightened sense of wellbeing.   In addition to this, we hope to support the children, families and educators at Little Bee by minimising air born pathogens and reducing the spread of germs in our environment. 


We have chosen the ‘DoTERRA’ oils as we want to make a conscious, considered decision to use natural and pure products in the hope to achieve our health and wellbeing goals. 

The oils we will be introducing in each play space during the day are the protective blend and respiratory blend, otherwise known as 'onguard' and 'easy air'. The oil we will defuse at sleep and rest time is ‘lavender peace’.


As with any new products, we have completed some research into the holistic benefits of introducing oils within our play spaces. 


We have spoken to another education and care service who defuse oils in their play spaces and have received wonderful feedback on their experience.


Another wonderful thing about the ‘smell’ associated with the oils is that the oils can create positive anchors between Little Bee and home, especially if families decide to use similar oils at home.  


Please click the link to find the DoTERRA ebook ‘Essential oils and children’ which is a fantastic read and will answer many of the questions you may have.  It details the historical uses of oils for promotion of health and wellness, how essential oils are likely in many of the products you already use, the safety guidelines, how the oils are tested and safe when used properly, DIY recipes, uses and applications, cooking with oils and much more...

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