A Special Visit from Lee-Anne July 2020

Lee-Anne is a very special and important visitor, who has donated her time to come in to our Airport Centre and share some wonderful parts of Aboriginal culture with the children.   Lee-Anne is multi talented; she grows her connection to Little Bee through her relationship with Mila; being a Grandmother, a respected Aboriginal Elder, author and artist!  Lee-Anne has so much knowledge to share with us!   


On this visit, we see Lee-Anne sharing Aboriginal songs with the children.

She introduced some beautiful animal dot paintings, of her own creation, that she has so kindly gifted to the Centre and sang the Aboriginal animal names to the children.  Lee-Anne shared information on shell necklace weaving, gifted us some traditional Tasmanian Aboriginal herbs for our bush garden.  We cannot thank Lee-Anne enough for her sharing of knowledge and we look forward to her visit next month!